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Services: Onsite Computer Support

Whether you are in need of computer hardware repairs, answers to software problems, or security of your home or business lan – The Web Influence will take care of your issues quickly. To arrange visit to your home or business, call 810-691-3230.

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On-site Computer Services

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Optimization and Security Package
Enhance the performance of your computer up to 300% and install security software to protect against spyware and viruses. Software included.

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Diagnosis and Repair
We will discover and repair the cause of crashes, slowness, lockups or other problems. Includes the removal of viruses, spyware, software repair and computer cleaning.

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Computer Cleaning
Shortening the life of your computer, dust bunnies block the airflow to the system. This causes processor and hard drive overheating and irreversible damage.


Software - Single Title Install
The Web Influence will install one utility or productivity software. Antivirus, Antispyware, Tax software, etc. Excludes O/S install. Software not included.


Software - Suite Title Install
The Web Influence will install one utility or productivity software. MS Office, Coreldraw Suite, etc. Critical updates are installed. Software not included.


Hardware Installation
Have your new internal or external hardware professionally installed. Graphics cards, hard drives, cd/dvd drives, memory, etc. Hardware not included.


O/S Install
Installation of the latest operating system software with all critical updates. Software not included.


Device Driver Updates
Ensure that your computers are operating at peak ability with the latest device drivers. Includes all updates for all devices on one PC or laptop. Suggested each 6 months.


Restore CD
We can create a restore copy for your new PC of your new system on the hard drive. Be prepared for the worst.


ISP Setup
Speed into the world of broadband internet or restart a faulty connection with this service. Additional charges may apply. ISP and hardware not included.


VoIP Install and Setup Voice-over-IP is the amount the hottest items in low cost local and long distance phone services. Setup and troubleshooting of one VoIP device on your current internet connection. Hardware and VoIP service not included.